SwivelCard, The First Smart Business Card


I know I usually fill up this section with exciting new technology and a bunch of coolers, but in reality the section can include whatever the hell I want it to. And today I’m making a spot for the swivelCard, the coolest business card that has ever existed (NOTE: I have no facts to support this statement).


Full disclosure: I have never had a business card. It seems that if you are more in the “bum” category, as opposed to the “contributing member of society” category, business cards aren’t really a necessity. Yet, I have plenty of business cards and they’re all stuffed unceremoniously into a small pocket in my wallet along with other useless junk, (read: money).

However swivelCards would for sure escape the pocket of no return because they feature a USB drive on the business card itself. All the user has to do is fold the card once and insert it into their USB port and… PRESTO, your personal info and website pop up.


The card’s namesake can change each business card individually to bring up a different site or info for different customers, and even change where the cards direct after they’ve already been given out. Lastly, the owner can also access analytics to see which cards have been used the most, and who is a lazy bum (ME!).

Their kickstarter has some cool ideas for professional usages such as photographers who could link the cards directly to each person’s pictures, or real estate agents who can individualize cards for houses. But the possibilities are endless like if, umm… well maybe I’ll see a girl at the bar and she’s scorching hot, like a 6 out of 10. Obviously I’m to nervous to talk to her, so I just walk up to her and hand her this business card and am like, “check me out.” Then I can run to the bathroom to throw up and she’ll be like, “whats this?” And it will link to this article, and oh, how she’ll love me. One day…

Either way check out the kickstarter here, and as usual I beg someone to buy me some. You guys are really starting to suck at giving me free stuff. I’m going to work at McDonalds soon, at least I can get McDouble’s to give girls there.


Posted Date:- August 12, 2014

Posted By:- Will Radke

Posted in:- Featured, Gear, Software, Tech

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