Saved and Rich: More than T-Shirts

Henry Ford

Henry Ford from Minneapolis had a vision. A middle-of-the-night spark of inspiration turned into a successful small-venture business that gives him a way to spread his philosophy and the word of God to the world around him. Saved and Rich is the name of his brand, and the slogan he’s printed on all kinds of clothing, from kids shirts to baseball hats.

Saved and Rich is Ford’s confession. It’s his confession to the world and to himself that reminds him that he is saved through God and that with God he can be rich in all facets of his life: spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. God is most happy with his followers when they too are happy and in a place of wealth in all of those areas. There is a power in words, Ford says, Saved and Rich is a sort of mantra that will not only remind you to appreciate the ways in which you are rich, but also will guide you along the right paths to bring further riches into your life. 

fashion story

After working out a design Ford had a batch of shirts printed up to help him spread the word of Saved and Rich and, more importantly, the word of God. First he brought them to his church. After some explaining and some hype, he sold out of that first batch on the first day. From there he has gone to Christian music festivals and events and brought the shirts with him. Saved and Rich is definitely not to be considered just another get-rich-quick scheme from another businessman, however. Ford has always been more concerned with the impact of the Lord’s word and finding ways to introduce it to more people, letting more people know that they too can be Saved and Rich and live their fullest lives on this earth is what’s really behind the snappy logo and the clothing. 

Henry would be more than happy to answer any queries you have about being or about becoming Saved and Rich, feel free to contact him at  You can also check out and buy Saved and Rich merchandise at

Posted Date:- June 20, 2014

Posted By:- Danielle

Posted in:- Church, Fashion

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