Raspberry Pi Gaming Console is the Ultimate Retro Console

Raspberry Pi Gaming Console

Because I am cool I grew up in the late 90’s-early 2000’s putting me right in the glory days of video game evolution. I remember my NES, my Sega, and my cousins’ Super Nintendo (which I basically stole). I often pine for the carefree days of impossible Mario levels and some good ol’ DK action. However that often requires me to download glitchy emulators and scary ROMs from the internet, which is undoubtedly why my computer blue screens, oh, every 3 minutes or so.

Alas, salvation is around the corner for us gamers in the form of not Jesus, but the Raspberry Pi. This is essentially a video game console that can tackle all three of the aforementioned consoles in one package, while providing performance most computer emulators can’t. The console will still allow you to download any ROM for free, and then store them on the system for quick and easy play. Just as convenient is the option to use any standard controller, as long as it has 4 directional buttons and 4 standard buttons the console is said to be able to auto map the controller. (But do we trust what they say?!?! [Yes we do])


The most alluring part of all this is the fact that the whole console costs only $97 at kickstarter right now. This is a great deal considering that all games are free and you can use pretty much any old controllers lying around that posses a USB connector. Additionally, if you’re a bit of a geek like me you’ll know that old games are starting to get unreasonably expensive.


Thus, I declare the Raspberry the awesome, perfect solution to all the world’s problems.

You’re welcome.

(P.S. I’m becoming hip and trendy, so to check out their kickstarter just click on the last picture, It’s a secret link! Think of it like Platform 9 & 3/4!) 

Posted Date:- August 4, 2014

Posted By:- Will Radke

Posted in:- Featured, Gear, Tech

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