Mayo Clinic Sports Center Opens in Downtown Minneapolis

Mayo Clinic Sports Center Opens in Downtown Minneapolis

The brand new, 22,000-square-foot Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center opened Wednesday downtown Minneapolis.

Mayo announced plans to build a state-of-the-art facility earlier this year.

According to Mayo, it will extend the Mayo Model of Care for patients in sports medicine to the Twin Cities. The clinic will be the largest in the country for prevention and treatment of sports injuries

It’s part of an agreement with both the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx. The collaboration includes designating Mayo as the preferred medical provider for the teams and utilizing the teams’ international reach to educate the public about numerous health and wellness topics, the non-profit said.

Mayo has partnered with EXOS to provide unique one of a kind athlete care. EXOS is an international renowned athlete training company, they trained the German Soccer Team that won the World Cup this year and 16 of the 32 top NFL Draft picks this year. They are partnering with the Mayo Clinic to provide sport specific athletic training and that is the big thing that makes the clinic unique. It not only provides top of the line advanced clinical care, but it also provides sport specific performance training. There is a field house with a batting cage, a golf simulator along with other sport specific elements where general conditioning and group training is also provided.

Athletes’ specific nutrition needs are also met. Shakes are made for an athlete depending on the sport played, whether in season or out of season and depending on what kind of treatment or injury the athlete has.

Mayo Clinic administration says this facility isn’t just for professional athletes, this is for all ages, all abilities – anyone who wants the specialized diagnosis, treatment or training. They do accept insurance but depending on what you need and who your provider is, you may be paying out of pocket.

The grand opening was held Wednesday at 10 a.m. at 600 Hennepin Avenue in Block E, across the street from the Target Center.

The owner of the building, Provident Real Estate Ventures, had been trying to get new investments and new tenants for years.

Last November, the building owners said they were ready to renovate the building into a training facility for the Timberwolves and Lynx in an effort to attract a stable source of rent. Crime in the downtown area has deterred tenants from renting the building in the past, but now the owners say police calls are down significantly compared to call totals in 2009.




Source: KSTP

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