A Magical Sunburn Cure? You’ve Gotta See It to Believe It!


Somehow or other someone in our family always manages to get a sunburn at least once per summer. This year, it just happened to be me. I spent the day on the coast catching a cooler full of blue crabs to share with friends and family and although I applied sunscreen to my face first thing in the morning, I somehow managed to get sidetracked. This, my friends, is what you’ll look like if you too get sidetracked . . . but don’t worry, there is an easy fix that offers INSTANT pain relief that lasts . . .

Sunburn Cure

You’ll Need:
a Large Bowl
Earl Grey Tea Bags

Place 5-7 early grey tea bags in your coffee pot filter holder and then run a pot of water through your coffeepot. Once it’s done brewing, transfer the tea into a large bowl and add the teabags that you used to brew the pot of tea.

Let it cool to room temperature. Soak a clean towel in the bowl of room temperature Early Grey tea. Wring it out gently and apply it to directly to the burned area for a minimum of 30 minutes. Do not use sprays, aloe or any other “treatment”. This tea MUST be applied within 6-8 hours of the initial burn to be most effective. It will immediately relieve pain. By the next morning, it will look like my back does here in the 4th photo. 

Pain is gone, tan remains. This does not work with plain tea, it only seems to work well with Earl Grey tea.

I absolutely do NOT recommend burning and I highly recommend sunscreen, for the record.

Source: Liss from Budget101.com

Posted Date:- June 9, 2014

Posted By:- Danielle

Posted in:- Fashion, Health and Beauty

48 thoughts on “A Magical Sunburn Cure? You’ve Gotta See It to Believe It!

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