Lakeville Star Pitcher Prepares to Shine at the U of M

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Over the years Lakeville Public Schools have acquired some amazing athletes, many of which go on to Division 1 Universities and do great things. had the opportunity to sit down and interview the rising youngster Kylie Stober after she pitched a no hitter Wednesday, May 21st against Owatonna’s Varsity squad. This Lakeville South star player is heading to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities this fall to play Division I softball.

My hometown bias says that she’s the best and many would argue in support that Kylie Stober is the best fastpitch pitcher coming out of the state of Minnesota. When asked who inspired her to get to where she is today, she said none other than her father.

“He taught me everything I know about working hard, he is one of the only people who has believed in me, he was always there in the field with me, pushing me to work hard and has helped get me where I am today.”

Stober has played softball for 8 years and although she says she is more then ready for college and the challenge it will bring, there are some things she’ll hold on to.

“High school is something I’m use to, and it’s easy. I’ll miss the friendly competition and the many girls I’ve met throughout playing high school softball.”

Being as successful in the game as she is now, I had to ask what she does to mentally prepare herself before each game.

“I have to listen to Drake before any game,” she says, “ Then I sit and tell myself how good I am and basically give myself the attitude that I am the best, basically just a pep talk.”

Stober takes the time to get herself pumped up for the game but her teammates help play a huge part in how she plays her game. When we asked how her teammates would describe her she said,

“I am a very intense teammate but encouraging and a great leader to have on the team.”

The star pitcher was also able to give us some names to watch who are hard working players coming out of the Lakeville South Softball program. Freshman third basemen Megan Conrads, Sophmore catchers, Alicia Young and Madison Rutter, and Junior shortstop Isabella Laden and Junior Bailee Jackson.

“All of these players have great mechanics and make some amazing players,” says Kylie.

Over the past couple years the Lakeville South Softball program has seen a lot of change with both players and coaches. Starting the 2014 season the women’s varsity team has been blessed with the coaching of Rob Laden and Stober sees the team doing some great things in the post season this year.

“With Rob we see a great developmental coach. He will always have a team that works hard and will get the job done.”

Stober has every intention on pushing this team far into sections and when asked what her goal was for the team she simply stated, “Win State.” When asked how realistic she felt this goal was for the team, she replied,

“Very realistic, As long as we keep peeking at the right time, which we are, we have a great chance at state, we just have to continue to play our best ball every game.”

When asked about their rivals across town Lakeville North and the threat they place toward the team being undefeated, Stober stated,

“That doesn’t mean anything to our team, they tend to shy from the spot light when the pressure of sections comes around.”

Kylie let us get to know her a little by letting us in on some things she enjoys in her spare time.

“I love to shop,” says Stober, “but with staying so busy with school and softball a lot of my spare time is spent either sleeping or working out to stay in the best shape I can be in.”

Stober’s top favorite movies at the moment are Neighbors and Dear John and her current power up song is “Senile” by Young Money. Stober also continued to tell us that her hidden talent is rapping.

Minnesota is closing down the borders starting with Stober and keeping the in state talent at home. Stober is looking at a successful future with the gophers and has a strong support system following from Lakeville, MN.


May 28, 2014 



Posted Date:- May 28, 2014

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