Priceline Positions Itself for 2015 Acquisition

Priceline Positions Itself for 2015 Acquisition Spree With $1.13 Billion Note Offering The Priceline Group announced today it intends to raise $1.13 billion (or 1 billion euros) in a public offering of senior notes to be used for general corporate ...


Grand Theft Auto V’ Is Coming Nov. 18

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Is Coming To PS4, PC, And Xbox One Nov. 18   Based on several product listings on the online retailer Newegg, which have since been removed, IGN says the bestselling cross-platform adventure “Grand Theft Auto V” will hit the ...


SwivelCard, The First Smart Business Card

I know I usually fill up this section with exciting new technology and a bunch of coolers, but in reality the section can include whatever the hell I want it to. And today I’m making a spot for the swivelCard, ...


Unlock your own phone

Congress restores consumers’ right to unlock phones   Consumers will soon be able to free their cellphones from the grip of wireless carriers thanks to final legislation that Congress passed Friday allowing mobile devices to be unlocked. President Obama said ...


Tinder-For-Jobs App

Since launch a few months ago, mobile job-hunting application Jobr has seen some early success with users. Which means it’s time to write the obligatory post about how it raised such and such funding from such and such investors. Jobr is a mobile ...


Knicks Star: Carmelo Anthony Launches Venture Firm

After scoring a new contract worth over $122 million with the N.Y. Knicks, NBA star Carmelo Anthony is looking to take a different kind of shot — starting a venture capital firm. Anthony and longtime NBC and Bertelsmann executive Stuart Goldfarb are launching their new investment firm, M7 ...


Find Movies Worth Watching On Netflix

Netflix is like the candy dish at your grandmother’s house. Most of the movies are crap, but you know, buried somewhere in there, is something worth your time. A Better Queue is a site dedicated to finding the Werther’s Originals in Netflix ...


Meet Google’s futurist-in-chief

Ray Kurzweil has made a name for himself in the past few decades as an inventor, futurist and best-selling author. Now, he’s heading Google’s artificial intelligence efforts. Kurzweil appeared before a standing-room only crowd at Google’s annual software developer conference ...


Mario Maker is still very early on, and it’s already showing a lot of promise

Wii U – Mario Maker E3 2014 Announcement Trailer Build and Rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom For the first time ever, anyone can create 2D Mario levels using Wii U GamePad controller. FEATURES: Making courses is easy. Players use the GamePad ...


Apple makes new iMac with $1,099 starting price

Apple on Wednesday formally launched its anticipated new low-end 21.5-inch iMac with a lower entry price of $1,099, boasting a 1.4-gigahertz dual-core Intel Core i5 CPU, a 500-gigabyte hard drive, and 8 gigabytes of RAM. The new machine comes in ...


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