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U.S. aircraft strike ISIS in Iraq

Two U.S. F/A-18 jet fighters bombed artillery batteries of Sunni Islamic extremists in Iraq on Friday, escalating America’s military involvement more than two years after President Barack Obama brought home forces from the country. Obama authorized “targeted airstrikes” if needed ...


Russian Hackers Behind World’s Biggest Internet Security Breach

According to a U.S. security firm, the hackers stole 1.2 billion username and passwords, as well as over 500 million email addresses. Source: NBC News


Double Decker Tour Buses Collide in Times Square

Times Square Crash Injures at Least 15 as Bystanders Scramble for Safety Two double-decker tour buses collided in Times Square on Tuesday afternoon, injuring at least 15 people. One bus side-swiped another, pushing it onto a busy sidewalk and knocking ...


Missing girl’s parents agree to lie detector test

The parents of a 6-year-old girl who disappeared from her Washington home and wasn’t reported missing for a day have agreed to take lie detector tests and allow a search of the home, a sheriff’s spokesman said Monday. Both the home ...


Israel declares Gaza truce over, 50 die in Gaza shelling

The 72-hour break announced by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was the most ambitious attempt so far to end more than three weeks of fighting, and followed mounting international alarm over a rising Palestinian ...


Watch: Two women escape death by diving under train

The Horrifying Moment Two Women Realize a Freight Train Is About to Hit Them | Women Escape After Being Hit By Train On Shuffle Creek Trestle BLOOMINGTON, Indiana — Dramatic surveillance video shows two women running for their lives on ...


Passengers on Whale Watching Boat Back on Dry Land

They weren’t castaways, but like the tourists on Gilligan’s Island, a group of whale watchers expecting only a three-hour tour got much more after their boat was snagged by a lobster trap rope off Massachusetts and they were forced to ...


Pilot, air traffic control’s heated spat

Hear the testy exchange between a Delta pilot and an air traffic controller. CNN’s Michaela Pereira has more.     Source: CNN


$110,00 Reward Offered in Carjacking That Killed 3 Children

Philadelphia police are offering a $110,000 to anyone who can help them find two men suspected of carjacking an SUV and killing three children and injuring three adults when they crashed it. Siblings Thomas Reed, 10, Keiearra Williams, 15, and ...


River In China Mysteriously Turns Bloody Red

A waterway in eastern China has mysteriously turned a blood red color. Residents in Zhejiang province said the river looked normal at 5 a.m. Beijing time on Thursday morning. Within an hour, the entire river turned crimson. Residents also said ...


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