Adele Announces New Album and Tour



It’s kind of amazing how an artist as massively popular as Adele can disappear from headlines for so long. She sells out shows worldwide, breaks sales records, puts on stunning performances on live television, then quietly retreats to a private life.


We had a couple pieces of Adele news in 2013, including music with Phil Collins and an award from Prince Charles, but not much else. There were reports of an album coming in 2014, but nothing concrete has surfaced since then. Until today.


As Complex points out, the World Music Awards, an “international awards ceremony honoring the best-selling most popular recording artists from around the world,” announced via Twitter that Adele will head out on tour in 2015, after the release of her new album 25.


adldeld23 Adele Announces New Album Called 25 and 2015 Tour

It’s unclear from the tweet when the album can be expected, but if the tour isn’t starting until 2015, it’s likely that the album will be out late 2014. Then again, who knows—maybe she won’t announce the album release date at all. If anyone can pull off the Beyoncé-style release strategy, it’s Adele. This cryptic tweet from Maysuggests that the album will be out before the year’s over.

We’ll have to wait and see. Until then…



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Posted Date:- July 16, 2014

Posted By:- Danielle

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