99-Pack of Beer

99-Pack of Beer

We all know the saying “Everything is BIG in Texas.” But for beer lovers everywhere, this is even cooler than big hats, belt buckles, and barbecue. Actually, this would be ideal with a lot of freshly charred barbecue. 

Austin Beerworks has just unveiled a new over-the-top way to get its beer into your gut with a limited-edition 99-pack of brewski. The big box of brew will set you back $99 (or a buck a can), which is pretty good for a can of this Texas good stuff. But don’t expect it to fit in your compact car with ease. The packaging is insanely exaggerated at seven feet long. The brewery released the gigantic box as part of a social media campaign for its Peacemaker Anytime Ale.

The 99-pack is only available in Austin, and only for a limited time and in limited quantities. By state law, the brewery is not allowed to ship out of state, so you might have to make the drive. Just drink responsibly, and it will probably last for a while. Maybe this will inspire people to have house parties called “99-ers.”

Strong demand for the seven-foot uber-pack in the wake of the wild campaign has inspired the brewery to roll out more 99-packs sooner rather than later. And now you can have 99 cans of beer on a wall.

Source: Yahoo News

Posted Date:- August 29, 2014

Posted By:- Admin Author

Posted in:- Humor

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